OK so there are probably tons of people coming onto UK Biz Forums wondering if they can actually gain any business from here.

I had the same attitude when I first joined.

However, what I realised is 2 main things:

1. You can't expect to gain unless your first willing to give.
2. It's not just about gaining business from it.

Let me ellaborate ...

Don't be selfish!

If you want to gain business from a business forum such as this (or any other networking scene) you need to be willing to share your time and knowledge with others first.

This way you gain 2 things:

1: Trust
2: Respect

Trust and respect is built over time. By giving your time and advice to others they are more likely to trust you enough to want to buy from you.
No shortcuts here.

It's not all about just gaining business

Although I do get clients from UKBusinessForums and a nice amount of hits to my website, I have actually found it to also be a great place to find suppliers.

For example, right now I am currently using a member on the forum for SEO
I am also using a member for some deveolping on one of my websites. Also I have someone who is helping me with my PPC Adwords campaign. Oh and another member is hosting one of my websites!

So basically I am getting the following services from different members of this forum:


Not bad from one forum huh?

Like I said, you have to give it time and you WILL gain from this forum.

If anyone has anything to add that they have found useful it would be great to hear.

I hope this helps people who are thinking of using this forum regularly but are not sure if it will benefit them.